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Family is the foundation of fortune. When elders give blessings, the young ones flourish. Family forms framework of relations, so involvement of family on special occasions is very auspicious. Shaadimela is pleased to bring this traditional and cultural aspect of meeting of elders to finalize a relation. Our this initiative “Parivarmilan” is more practical and successful in contrast to online connections and nettychats which lack personal touch and understanding of feelings. Internet has changed our world but it cannot play the role of the family –Parivar which takes care of integrity, durability and sanctity of relations.

  • A unique traditionally proven system of bringing together families having same mind set and values.
  • Get together to understand cultural upbringing and specific personality traits of likely future alliance.

West Delhi Parivaar Milan

Families are beautiful hearts woven together by bonds of respect and joy. Every family is the foundation of fortune and good luck. That is why the presence of families on special occasions is auspicious especially more so if it is making a final decision for a new relation- the marriage of a child in the family. Shaadimela takes this traditional and cultural aspect of finalizing the match for the child to a practical and very successful platform. Our initiative, Parivaarmilan brings together families with similar communities and backgrounds on one platform.

The events for Parivaarmilan are spread over the entire month with one event in every week.  The event for West Delhi takes place in the first week of every month. It is an opportunity to understand the cultural upbringing and background of future alliance.

South Delhi Parivaar Milan

Family means Joys multiplied manifold and sorrows divided to zero. In the family the elders lay the foundations for fortune and success. The presence and consent of elders in finalizing the match for a child in the family is very auspicious.  Shaadimela has taken a unique initiative to bring together the families of eligible bride and grooms of similar backgrounds on a single platform, Parivaarmilan. The families are organized as per community and cultural background. It gives a golden opportunity to understand the prospective alliance and meet their families personally.

Each week of the month Parivaarmilan is organized in different areas for the convenience of families. The event for South Delhi is held in the second week of the month. Direct interaction with the family of the future alliance goes a long way in building healthy relations.

North Delhi Parivaar Milan

Those are truly blessed who have a family for strength and support in all decisions. Happiness and prosperity multiplies when shared among family members of the same temperament. The blessings and approval of elders in the family makes significant events like finalizing match for a child a milestone. It becomes auspicious and good for the future of the family.  Shaadimela is pleased to bring this traditional and cultural aspect of matchmaking on a single platform in a novel way. Parivaarmilan is one great opportunity from Shaadimela to meet the family of your choice for a dream marriage of your child.

Each week of the month, Parivaarmilan is organized at different locations to make families meet. The event for North Delhi is held in the third week of the month. When families make it a point to be together, then the real union of hearts occurs.

East Delhi Parivaar Milan

A couple is not perfect if its choice is not supported by elders. Family comes first as it is the basic background of every important relation. Finalizing the right family member as a bride/groom is a crucial decision. Families are able enough to take such significant decisions by virtue of vision, experience and social understanding. Shaadimela understands the value of family bonds and therefore created an event to establish the success of marriage. Parivaarmilan is an initiative by Shaadimela to make it easy for you to personally meet the families of prospective bride/ groom and finalize the perfect partner for your child.

Each week of the month, Parivaarmilan is organized at different locations keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of families. The event for East Delhi is organized in the fourth week of the month.

Marriages happen when two perfect people come together but great marriages take place when two likeminded families join their heart and mind.

  • The events are organized in all the City zones- North, South, West,Noida,Ghaziabad& East,Gurgaon&Faridabad of Delhi near the residence of prospective brides and grooms.
  • The families are divided into groups like:
  • Punjabi, Sikh, Arora, Khatri
  • Baniya and Jain
  • Brahmin, Sharma
  • Manglik
  • Age  above 31
  • Second Marriage

This division is to ensure smooth and focussed matrimonial relations.

Events are organized at different venues and regular intervals by Shaadimela.No charges before and after marriage
Entry Pass for Rs 1800/- Per parivar milan valid for 3 people

Taxes as applicable are charged

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